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Wasserdichte Transparente Plane mit Ösen Schutzplane LKW Folie Klare Garten

€14.07, located in Bremen, Germany (28***), item #174995909406

Transparente Plane Wasserdichte Gartenplane Abdeckplane Durchsichtige Mit Ösen Gartenplane Abdeckplane Durchsichtige Abdeckplane Regenschutz Schutzplane Transparent Cover - You Will Get Higher Sunlight In Winter, The Conditions Required For Photosynthesis Of Your Plant Growth, And You Can See Inwards Through The Transparent Tarpaulin. Reinforced Edges And Eyelets - We Use Rustproof Aluminum Eyelets On Each Corner And Reinforced Eyelets On Four Edges. Four Edges With Double Stitching Make It Durable And Long Lasting. Waterproof, Dustproof, Windproof Tarpaulin: This Tarpaulin Is Designed For The Brutal Forces Of Nature And Withstands Wind And Icy Temperatures For Years. It Provides The Perfect Protection For Your Plants In All Weather Conditions.

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